Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for Agricultural Workers and Handlers

Training Materials
For Handlers
For Workers

This downloadable narrated presentation (MP4 video) is the PERC WPS video with Haitian Creole translation courtesy of Gargiulo Farms. It can be used in 2018 and beyond (EPA approval EPA Worker and Handler PST 00022). It must be delivered in a way that meets WPS requirements. To train workers, deliver the first 28 minutes of narrated video. To train handlers, the video must be shown in its entirety (51 minutes). Note: PERC is aware of needed improvements to the video (e.g., the audio and video are not aligned in the closing minutes, the screen text and closed captioning are not in the spoken language.) However, the U.S. EPA and the Florida Dept of Ag and Consumer Services have approved the use of the video and defer to the trainer(s) present to assure comprehension by their training audiences.

Regulatory Guidance

Browse brief guides about protections for workers and handlers, the AEZ, posting, PPE, exemptions, training, respirators, and more, in English and Spanish.

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