What are my responsibilities as a trainer of handlers?

For Trainers of Handlers

Qualified WPS Trainers

WPS training must be delivered by:

  • Someone who holds a current pesticide applicator's license (in any category), or
  • Someone who has completed an EPA-approved WPS Train-the-Trainer program for handlers, or
  • Someone who has been designated as a trainer of certified pesticide applicators or handlers by a statefederal, or tribal agency having jurisdiction.

Timing of Training

Pesticide handlers need to be provided with WPS handler training before they begin handler tasks, and every 12 months. There are some exceptions.

Handlers do not need new WPS training if:

  • the handler is a certified applicator of restricted use pesticides, or
  • the handler is certified or licensed as a crop advisor through a program deemed appropriate by the EPA, State, or Tribal pesticide agency.

Worker training is not a sufficient substitute for handler training.

Training Format

As a trainer, you must:

  • Be present during the entire training.
  • Respond to handlers' questions.
  • Present the training in a way that is understandable for handlers. Use a translator if necessary.
  • Present the training verbally from written materials or from audio-visual materials handlers can see and hear, such as a video.
  • Conduct training in a location that is conducive to training and free from distractions.

Training Materials

The trainer must use EPA-approved training materials. Approved materials will bear an EPA approval number and an EPA statement of approval for use in WPS training. This approval number or publication number must be recorded on the training record.


  • Materials approved for training workers: EPA approval W PST 00001
  • Materials approved for training workers and handlers: EPA approval W/H PST 00001

There are EPA-approved videos and presentations, in English and Spanish. Browse for what you need here.


Neither handlers nor trainers are required to maintain records of training. Handler employers must maintain training records for each employee for two years after training. The handler employer must provide a copy of the training record to the handler upon request.

Training records must include:

  • the trainee's printed name and signature,
  • the date of training,
  • the trainer's name,
  • evidence of the trainer's qualification to train,
    • pesticide applicator's license number, or
    • EPA approval number for a Train-the-Trainer course, and the date it was completed by the trainer, or
    • evidence of state/tribal designation as a WPS trainer
  • the employer's name, and
  • EPA approval number for the training materials.

Regulatory Guidance

Browse brief guides about protections for workers and handlers, the AEZ, posting, PPE, exemptions, training, respirators, and more, in English and Spanish.

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