Non-Soil Fumigation: A National Pesticide Applicator Study Manual & Exam

Training Materials

This manual and exam bank are intended for selected categories of commercial pesticide applicator certification/licensing for specific uses of non-soil fumigation pesticide products. These product categories include those for structural pest control, rodent burrow pest control, and commodity fumigation pest control.

The manual is available to states, tribes, and territories with EPA-approved applicator Certification Plans that have a Non-Soil Fumigation certification category or subcategory.

  • Printed copies may be purchased here.
  • To request a modifiable file, kindly email with your request. You may do this at any time.
  • We will only honor requests for modifiable copies if the requester represents a state/tribal/territory entity with a Certification & Training program approved by the U.S. EPA. Recipients must agree not to distribute electronic versions via email, file-sharing tools, website(s), and/or other means.
  • Exam items are available to states and tribes with certification programs upon request to Jeanne Kasai at Do not request exam questions if you are an applicator studying for an exam. The exam questions/answers are ONLY available to certifying authorities (e.g., a state, territory, or tribal agency) with an EPA-approved certification plan for their applicator certification program. Exam questions/answers are not available to applicators or non-eligible entities. Do not request exam questions/answers if you are preparing to take an exam for applicator certification or recertification.

The PERC Advisory Board adopted a policy for Certification & Training (C&T) manuals and their distribution.

More about the manual: The purpose of this training manual is to provide study non-soil fumigation material for people interested in becoming certified pesticide applicators in the non-soil fumigation category or subcategory in their respective states, tribes, or U.S. territories. It covers the basic knowledge and skills required to apply pesticides safely, effectively, and correctly.

Exam item bank: PERC's team, led by Sandra McDonald, created an item exam bank that is grounded in the learning objectives of the manual. 

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This manual was prepared by Sandra McDonald and Steve Tomasko with support provided by the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs.

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