new respirator guide

Under the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) as revised in 2015, there are new requirements for pesticide handlers when pesticide labels require the use of a respirator.

Before pesticide handlers can use a respirator, they must receive:

  1. A medical evaluation by a physician or other licensed health care professional,
  2. Fit-testing with a taste/smell/irritating indicator, or with quantitative measurements, and
  3. Training about the use, care, and maintenance of the respirator.

This new guide from PERC includes:

  • Guidance on selecting respirators based on new/old label language
  • Medical evaluation options
  • Step-by-step respirator fit-testing procedures
  • Respirator cleaning/maintenance guidance
  • Frequently-asked questions such as, "Can I perform my own fit-test?" and "Are web-based medical evaluations allowed?"

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This version was revised in October 2017. Click here for a summary of changes.

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Primary Authors:
Kathleen Kincade, MSPH, Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Garnet Cooke, Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Kaci Buhl, Oregon State University
Janet Fults, Consultant
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Sean Ross, Oregon State University
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